Monday, March 31, 2008

Learn Yogamudra Asana Online

This Asana differs from the earlier one only in the position of hands. However, this latter variety is more difficult than the former. Besides, it is a more advanced state and naturally more beneficial. One should first practice type 1 and then pass on to type 2.

Technique :-
Sit in Padmasana.
Take both hands towards your back and catch the wrist of one hand with the other. Keep neck straight.
Slowly start bending from your waist. Continue the bending till forehead touches the ground.
After maintaining it for some time raise your forehead and chest. Release your hands also and sit erect.

Benefits and Limitations:-
The internal organs of abdomen work efficiently as a result of its practice.
Connected nerves of navel become strong.
It is beneficial in constipation and removes seminal weakness.
Those suffering from hypertension or chronic headache should not practise it.

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