Monday, March 31, 2008

Learn Supta-Vajrasana Yoga Postures Step By Step

Supta-Vajrasana is further development of Vajrasana. We lie on our back with folded legs, hence, it is called Supta-Vajrasana.


Kneel, with the knees together, the feet about 12 inches apart, soles upward, and sit between the feet.

Begin with the spine upright (vajrasana) and then bend backwards until the spine rests on the floor with the arms stretched back.

Retain the position for 2 minutes. Regain the normal position by reversing the process.

This stretches the thigh muscles and the abdomen.
The stomach is stimulated.
It strengthens the thighs.
Helps those suffering from constipation.

There should never be more than normal pressure on the back, arms, and the ankle joints while doing this exercise.

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