Monday, March 31, 2008

Learn Svastikasana Asana Postures Step By Step

Svastikasana is an Indian translation for Auspicious pose. This is one of the easiest meditation asanas and simplified version of siddhasana. The symbol of svastika symbolizes the different corners of the earth and universe, the spokes, and their meeting point and common centre of consciousness. This asana is most favoured for realizing the unity of existence. You can learn this asana as below:

Sit and stretch both the legs forward together.
Bend the left knee and place the sole against the inside of right thigh.
Do not allow the heel to touch the perineum.
Bend the right knee and place the right leg in the vacant space between the left thigh and calf muscle.
Similarly do not allow the heel to touch the pubis.
Grip the left toes and pull them up into the space between the right calf and thigh.
Feel comfortable and hold the knees firmly on the floor.
Keep the spine straight.
Place the hands on the knees in chin or Jnanamudra.

Alleviates suffering from varicose veins.
Tired and aching muscles.
Fluid retention in the legs.

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