Monday, March 31, 2008

Learn Vajrasana Asana Postures Step By Step

It is important to keep the spine, the neck and the head, upright in one straight line in this Asana. Keep the sight fixed at the level of the height. Don't have any pressure on the hands. The whole weight of the body be set on the spine. Continue smooth breathing, when the final position is attained.Vajrasana helps you move your blood, and your energy, towards your upper body and head. In this way you can understand how it “radiates” energy into your mind for the practice of meditation.

Description of the asana

1. Sit on your knees keeping them together.

2. Draw both toes together, and with heels apart, sit on them. Keep your hands straight on the respective knees.

3. Breathe normally with your spine straight. Relax your hands and release the legs

4. Now lie on your back or stretch your legs in front with hands at the back and relax.

5. Take rest for 10 counts and repeat.6. Do this two times.

Timing Advanced practicioners can sit in this pose for extended periods of time, over thirty minutes. It can be a nice pose to move directly into meditation or to engage in neck stretches. Beginners are usually advised to start with a few minutes or whatever feels right.

Benefits 1. It ensures digestion and prevents excess wind formation.

Caution 1. Those suffering from knee pain should not practise this asana

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