Friday, March 28, 2008

Learn Sarvanga Asana Yoga Postures Step By Step

The Sarvanga Asana is one of the most treasured asanas, said to benefit the whole body. In this asana the whole body weight rests on the shoulders and the neck and upper back regions are stretched to the limit. Beginners should practice the sarvanga asana in a moderate way and gradually attempt the full posture.

The Sanskrit word sarvaanga means limb or body. sarvanga therefore translates as either "all-limb" or "whole-body posture". It is so named because of the benefit it provides to the entire body. It is commonly referred to as the "shoulder-stand" because one is essentially standing on one's shoulders.

The sarvanga-asana is considered by many to be the most beneficial of all yoga postures. Because of its many benefits, if you find that your time is limited in the course of Yoga practice at home, it is recommended to place special emphasis on the sarvanga-asana.

Benefits :
Strengthens and balances the function of the thyroid which supervises the other glands, in a most effective way. As a result of the reverse blood circulation due to this asana, it brings youthfulness, strength and nourishes the inner cells, tissues and all the organs. It cures impotency, frigidity, lack of sexual power and gives vitality to the practitioner. Centralizes the blood supply in the spinal column and stretches the spine helping to keep it strong and elastic.

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