Friday, March 28, 2008

Hala Asana Yoga Postures Step By Step

The The Sanskrit word Hala means plow, as in a traditional plow that is drawn by a horse or oxen. When performing this posture your body resembles a plow.

Hala Asana or The Plough Posture is a valuable asana as it has some unique qualities and excellent benefits. It is an extreme forward bending exercise which promotes strength and flexibility in all the regions of the back and neck. It can be performed in two ways; the only difference is in the position of the hands. Beginners can practice the easier one which is explained in all Steps.

Lie flat on the back with your body straight and stretched out. Bring the heels and toes together. Put the palms on the floor and keep them close to the body on both sides. Stretch out the legs and toes. Inhale and simultaneously raise both heads upwards till they come to a vertical position. Exhale and simultaneously start lowering the legs towards the head area. Try to touch the floor in front of the head with the toes. Go only as far as possible for you. After exhaling, keep breathing normally till the whole posture is completed. Remain in this position for about 8 seconds. Start returning the back to the floor. Let the back roll down on the floor inch by inch. This should be done very slowly and smoothly. Keep the legs and toes quite tight all along during the returning phase. Now you have completed one round of this posture and relax for 6 to 8 seconds.

Benefits :
Energizes and nourishes the sexual glands and brings strength and vitality to them. It has medicinal effect for impotency and frigidity. Exercises every inch of backbone and surpasses all other asana to bring flexibility to the spine. Reduces excess weight without weakening the body. Improves the blood circulation and nourishes many of the essential internal organs. Regular practice of this asana maintains inner balance and helps to develop mental and physical poise.

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