Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Learn Uddiyana Bandha Asana Online

Uddiyana bandha can be practiced alone or in conjunction with mula bandha. To engage this bandha, sit in a comfortable cross legged position. Exhale your breath, then take a false inhale (draw the abdomen in and up without taking in any breath.) Draw the belly up underneath the rib cage. To release, soften the abdomen and inhale.

Uddiyana bandha tones, massages and cleans the abdominal organs. If you are familiar with mula bandha, you will see that the drawing up of the pelvic floor naturally leads into the drawing up of the abdomen. This is how the bandhas work together.

This Bandha can be practiced both in standing posture and in sitting posture. We will see it in standing posture.

Steps Inhale deeply by pushing your abdomen forwards, and then exhaling forcibly, empty your lungs.Contract the belly, pulling the navel and intestine towards your back. In this process diaphragm is pushed up and the wall of the belly pulled upward.This Bandha is practices at the end of Kumbhaka (retention of breath) and beginning of Rechaka (exhalation of breath).

Uddiyana Bandha massages the internal organs in the abdominal area, the heart.This massaging of abdominal area improves digestive system, relieves constipation, gas, indigestion and liver trouble, tones up the nerves in the solar plexus region, reduces abdominal fat and strengthens the abdominal muscles. It also has curative and corrective effects on the adrenal glands and sex glands.And the massaging of the heart makes it a stronger, more efficient improving the blood circulation. Regular practice of Uddiyana Bandha makes you young forever.This Bandha is extremely helpful in following celibate. This Bandha awakens the Kundalini power.

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