Friday, March 28, 2008

Yoga Exercise

Yoga Asanas or exercises are ways of moving or holding the body in different positions.
Yoga has several exercises or postures that work wonders on a woman’s health and in pregnancy conditions. Varying widely in application and style, these exercises (postures) gently stretch and explore all parts of your body.

During pregnancy, yoga Asanas are a gentle way to keep active and supple. The remarkable effects of these postures in pregnancy show the power of yoga for ensuring a smooth pregnancy, natural childbirth and restoration of body shape after childbirth.

How Pregnancy Yoga Exercises Can Help?

Relieving edema (fluid retention) and cramping which can be quite common in the last months.
Influencing the position of the baby and turning it in advance if needed. Strengthening and massaging the abdomen which help stimulate bowel action and appetite.

Raising the level of energy while also helping in slowing the metabolism to restore calm and focus.

Helping to reduce nausea, morning sickness and mood swings in combination with pranayamas (yogic breathing).

Focus on relieving tension around the cervix and birth canal.

Focus on opening the pelvis to make labor easier and quicker.

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