Friday, March 28, 2008

Chakra Asana

The chakra-asana is more challenging than most other yoga postures. Don't be discouraged if your unable to accomplish it right away. Even attempting this posture without successful completion holds great benefits.

The chakra-asana is either held for the duration of the inhaled breath or between one and three minutes while breathing gently through the nostrils. Repeat it two or three times.

Inhale while raising the body from the ground and making an arch. Retain breath in that position as long as possible. Exhale when resuming the normal position. Once mastery in performing this Asana is attained, one can stay in this posture for a longer duration with normal breathing.

Benefits of Chakra Asana

Keeps the spine flexible even in old age.
Beneficial for the entire nervous and glandular system.
Develops muscles of back, neck, spine and shoulders.
Activates the intestine.
keeps the practitioner alert and energetic.
Sharpens eyesight.
Improves texture and complexion of skin.
Tones up the sex centre in the spine.
Affords relief in constipation, flatulence and asthma.
Tones up nerves serving the organs of sight, hearing, smell and taste.
Controls gastric trouble.
Energises a sluggish liver.
Improves blood circulation to the brain and enhances intelligence and alertness.

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